You – in the Writers Room

You’re in the writers room, working on a TV series. Every weekday you arrive, ready to collaborate with other smart writers. The showrunner, your boss, has created characters you’re excited to write for and a series you’re thrilled to help on. You have a desk and an office and the show buys you lunch every day. Before […]

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Confidence is Not Required

I’ve been hearing this over and over again from writer friends and clients: some believe they’re handicapped because they don’t have confidence. Without it, they say, they are floundering in their writing careers. I don’t think confidence is required.

On confidence is described these ways:

1. full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a […]

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Break All The Rules!

I’m teaching a class at the UCLA Extension School about developing your original story. Over 12 weeks, we’re exploring the basics behind TV movies, mini-series and TV shows. The class culminates in the students developing a pitch. They’ll turn in a written version and then they’ll pitch […]

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What Happens When Your TV Show Gets Cancelled

Last week when it was announced that ABC wouldn’t be renewing American Crime, I received the news like a punch in the gut.

I knew, intellectually, that it might happen: although our reviews were stellar [Deadline critic Dominic Patten called season 3 “the strongest installment yet in the Emmy-winning anthology series from John Ridley and ABC” and compared the […]

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Anybody Want To Read My Script?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen those words in a Facebook group or a chat list. “Anybody want to read my script?” I think writers who post this kind of question are playing a dangerous game.

Feedback is a terrific and useful tool in the life of a writer. No matter the medium, it’s […]

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Think You Have Nothing To Say?

I’m teaching again at the UCLA Extension school, after a stint there last year. This class is about developing your own story. We started our adventure together with an exercise. I invited the students to introduce themselves – first one on one and then in the larger group. For each […]

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What Have You Done!?

Some people in the world of entertainment say you’re only as good as your latest project. While that may be true depending on the circles you’re in, it’s not valuable in the life of an artist to think that way. The industry may be hungry for the newest, best […]

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