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could change Everything.

Steve Harper

Creative Guide. Story Liberator.

If you’re a smart, talented, focused, aspiring TV writer, playwright or screenwriter who wants to sharpen your script writing skills and/or up your professional game, I can help you.

I’ve written for series television (Currently Stargirl on the CW and HBO Max, also God Friended Me on CBS, the upcoming AMAZON PRIME thriller Tell Me Your Secrets, ABC’s American Crime and the USA Network’s Covert Affairs), been published and produced as a playwright (by the Kenyon Review and at the American Airlines Theatre), written films (seen at the Dances With Films festival), and I created, produced, and acted in an multi-award winning Emmy Nominated original web series (SEND ME).

I’ve learned to pitch, crowd fund and navigate representation (I’m repped by The Shuman Company) and I honed my craft at the CBS Writers Mentoring Program after studying at Juilliard, the A.R.T. at Harvard and at Yale. I became certified as a coach through The Creativity Coaching Association.

That breadth of experience is why I am able to help my clients navigate a wide variety of issues as they get traction, build momentum, and share their stories with the world. For the past ten years, during breaks in my writing schedule, I’ve been advising colleagues and coaching up-and-coming creatives like you.

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Choose your path below:

Dying to finish that first awesome script?

(Have you been “dying to” for while now?)

If you don’t know how to get started… or if the second act is kicking your butt… or if you can’t quite get it across the finish line, then it might be time to get some personalized, hands-on help.

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How in the world do you get a seat at the table (let alone your foot in the door) as a writer in this fantastically crazy industry?

And how do you actually get paid for your talent?

Ah, yes, the Big Questions… well, I have some excellent answers.

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Poor, sad scripts.  There are so many ways they can get lost and forgotten…

…at the bottom of the pile on the literary agent’s assistant’s desk

…next to the tennis racquets in the trunk of the agent’s car

…stained and crinkled under the coffee cup on the showrunner’s kitchen counter.

When you finally get someone to pick up your script you want it to be so good that they don’t want to put it down!  Wondering how to pull that off?  I’ve got some suggestions.

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Wrestling with some pressing issues, frustrating conflicts, complex negotiations, or just have a few questions?

My brain is all yours for an hour, pick away.

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Simply want a burst of quick, convenient, expert guidance and accountability?

If the idea of you and me connected by old-fashioned technology like phone and email sounds appealing, I’m ready when you are.

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Prompts and email guidance ease you into a 30 day writing groove. Explore key ideas about putting words on the page and chip away at the writing project you’re working on!

Inspiration and productivity are just around the corner.

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What People Are Saying

I believe that I can take my web series to the next level…

Now that I’ve completed coaching I believe that I can take my web series to the next level… I’m a bit more methodical while being spontaneous, if that dichotomy is possible.

Caris Vucjec
Creator, Exec. Producer, writer and actor: The Pepper Project
WINNER: Award of Excellence – IndieFest Film Awards
WINNER: Audience Choice – Best Sound Design/Original Score & Leading Actress Austin Film Fest

concrete ideas and advice…

Steve gives you concrete ideas and advice and makes you accountable for the process. He knows the correct questions to move you in the right direction. In the end, I found a manager who is reading my material.

Vince Green
Screenwriter, Novelist, Attorney
Author of Extreme Justice

I’m more hopeful in regards to my creative process.

I have a more realistic vision of what it takes to achieve my creative goals. I now believe I can launch my creative vision into a well-developed children’s entertainment production.

Brian Nelsen
Actor, Musician, Songwriter
Creator of Brian the Bold

…passion, positivity, and support for the creative process…

Steve’s passion, positivity, and support for the creative process is contagious. He helped me celebrate what I’d achieved already and get focused on realistic, practical steps to keep me going on my creative journey.

Mouncey Ferguson
Writer / Producer, Arroyo Filmworks


…helped me rethink my strategy.

Steve is very approachable, gregarious and insightful: he tailored his suggestions to my background and helped me rethink my strategy. I left our meeting with a sense of direction, inspiration and purpose. Most importantly, he believes everyone should pay it forward: and I plan to continue to do so!

Nayna Agrawal


I am so thankful…

It was great engaging with such an open spirit. I left his session knowledgeable on what steps to take next with my project and an open door policy on my progress. I am so thankful to Steve for taking the time to drop a few gems.

Kashinda T. Marche
Author, The Triumph In Me: A Mother’s Journey

…an enormous pleasure and highly productive.

Working with Steve has been an enormous pleasure and highly productive. I must admit that I entered the process a bit skeptical that working with a coach would be the answer for me. But in short order my doubts were gone. Steve has a gentle, insightful and focused way of cutting through the clatter and helping to see a clear way forward. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Rob Grader
Author, The Cuddle Sutra, The Cheap Bastard’s Guide to New York


…dead serious about success.

Steve Harper knows how to call forth the magnificence in everyone. He’s personable, humorous, and dead serious about success.

Melissa A. Rosati
Founder & Creative Director, Melissa’s Coaching Studio

…exactly what I needed –

Working with Steve gave me exactly what I needed – clarity and direction…Steve’s support, positive energy and incisive questions allowed me to get “unstuck” and find the answers I needed.

Laura Ekstrand
Actor, Writer, Director, Founder & Artistic Director, Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre

…inspires intimacy and deep work.

Steve Harper is a dynamic workshop leader whose presence inspires intimacy and deep work. Highly recommended!

Eric Maisel, PhD
Creativity Coach, Author of more than 50 books including, Coaching The Artist Within

I’m ROCKETING: writing higher quality & more quickly…

I was on deadline and stuck before Steve coached me. Now I’m ROCKETING: writing higher quality and more quickly, having more fun and caring better for myself. Friends and colleagues comment that something has shifted in me. Thanks, Steve!

Larry Kay
best-selling and award-winning non-fiction author
Training the Best Dog Ever

I have a solid plan for moving forward.

Before working with Steve, I was running in circles in my career. Now I have a solid plan for moving forward. And I have a lot more confidence in my choices!

Tim Craig

I am so grateful to have met such a wonderful friend and coach

He helped me identify the specific strengths I bring to the table as a writer, allowing me to present my best and truest self during my interviews. Then, he broke down the entire interview process, making it less intimidating and overwhelming so that I could attack it. Successfully. A few months later, I was accepted into the CBS Writers’ Mentoring Program and my life completely changed. I am so grateful for having met Steve. If he wasn’t coaching me, he was mentoring me. Reminding me that I could do the job. And do it well. One year later, I am currently staffed on my first show, CLARICE for CBS, and to this day I still reach out to Steve. With a million questions of course. And he just smiles and shows me the way. I am so grateful to have met such a wonderful friend and coach.

Lydia Teffera
writer, Clarice (CBS), graduate of the CBS Writers Mentoring Program

a wonderful balance of practical external advice…and spiritual encouragement

…a wonderful balance of practical external advice (networking, writing and producing your own material, etc) and intrinsic and spiritual encouragement (figuring out what you really want, how to empower yourself, etc)… excellent, well-rounded advice that comes from…expertise in everything from theater to OWAs to staffing to producing your own work. It was wonderful to be able to get insight from someone who’s done (and succeeded) at it all!

Laura Bowes
animation writer