Stop Thinking

This strange phenomenon happens all the time. I encounter a creative person who says they’re stuck. Often they paint themselves as desperate: looking for a lifeline from anywhere. Sometimes they claim to have no resources, no idea how to find their way to a job in their chosen creative field.

We […]

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People Die

When I was in playwriting school, there were three distinct groups of artists under the umbrella of the school’s Drama Division: playwrights, directors and actors. We collaborated on occasion, but we had separate tracks in terms of classes and focus and goals. In the second year of […]

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You’re Not Writing

I was in a deep coaching conversation with a talented writer who said he wasn’t writing enough.

Feeling really disappointed in himself, he was reportedly doing any number of productive things with his time, but he wasn’t getting “enough” of his work done. I asked him what the writing tasks were and he listed them. He had some […]

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