by Steve on December 2nd, 2014

In the aftermath of Thanksgiving I’m bubbling with appreciation! There’s so much to be grateful for.

The miracle is that this is ALWAYS the case. No matter how challenging or difficult life is there are things worth appreciating. That doesn’t mean we habitually choose to look toward what is going well, but that’s the option we have. Turn toward the good and recognize it – celebrate it. 

Our culture insists that we focus on the negative stuff. The evening news, the snarky media, even t-shirts proclaim what’s wrong with us or our lives, our bodies or our friends. Buck the trend. It feels so much better.

Today, right now (well after you read this) spend 5 ... Read more


by Steve on November 11th, 2014

“Art isn’t easy.” At least that’s what the Sondheim song says, from Sunday in the Park with George. And each of us, as we step into our creative lives, have to make peace with that fact. As writers, we create material that hasn’t been seen before. It may have a similar structure to other things of its type, but it’s new. And that’s where the challenge lies.

The most exciting thing for me, as an artist, is pushing the envelope. An idea comes – something fresh and vibrant, something exciting. Along the way, the doubt comes too. Yes, it could be great, but can I pull it off? Can I make the piece I envisioned? And how do I get there?

 I’m moving through that familiar space as I ... Read more


by Steve on October 8th, 2014


As I mentioned in my last update, I’m super-busy.

I’m sometimes-I-have-to-be-reminded-to-eat-lunch busy.

AND my creative life goes on! And on and on.


I’m launching my INDIEGOGO campaign for my original web series, SEND ME


You can check out those details right here: (it won’t be live until Friday)…

You can find live info at

And AS THAT’S HAPPENING – I’m also working on a TV pitch.


THIS WEEK I decided to LOOP YOU IN -

Rather than NOT having a Creative Expression Session call, I’m going to have one


I’ll be talking about what I’ve learned and what our strategies are as we step into

the world of Indiegogo. Join us!


I’ve learned a TON about how it works.

And I’ll tell you about


by Steve on October 3rd, 2014

When it rains, it pours. That’s what they say, anyway. And for me, right now,

it’s true. I’m stepping into several creative projects and all at once and it’s joyful

and challenging.


Project #1: I’m producing my original web-series, SEND ME – about time travel

and slavery. We shoot in 2015. We start our Indiegogo campaign on Friday

October 10th (next Friday) and it runs until November 23rd!  Check out our

website for more info: or our

Facebook page for the latest news:


Project #2: I’m working on a new TV idea with a producer! Not much more I

can say about that at the moment, but I’m busy writing, rewriting and

gearing up to do some pitching.


What does this mean?? For starters, I’m utilizing my creative tools more

than ever. Each day I’m moving back ... Read more

What about AGENTS & MANAGERS???

by Steve on August 6th, 2014

To be a writer, do you need an agent and/or a manager?

This is the question that comes up ALL THE TIME.

And the answer is – it depends.

I was about to graduate from playwriting school when I thought I needed an agent. That was mostly because everyone else in my graduating class had one. (We’re talking two other writers.) And I embarked on a campaign to get one. It eventually worked, but not for a few years. And even then – did I NEED one?

There are a few questions to ask in order to be able to tell. Questions we’ll explore in the next Creative Expression Session, this Thursday.

I’m glad I have an agent and a manager ... Read more


by Steve on August 5th, 2014

I found out on Saturday that my Aunt passed away. She was in her 80s, and not doing well, so it wasn’t entirely a surprise. She was a wonderful woman – a career teacher and a generous soul.

I’m heading out of town to attend services and be with my family. It’s time to pay my respects. 

During all of this, I’m in the midst of a handful of creative projects: prepping my web series, marketing my play and working on a few TV ideas. I’m choosing to show up for those things as well as my family. I’m choosing to find the balance in working and taking care of myself. 

My Saturday workshop will ... Read more


by Steve on July 5th, 2014

One of the things I LOVE about my writing life is that I get to put myself to work. As an actor I am frequently asking to be put to work. The power is in the hands of the employer, the producer, the writer, the director.

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy acting. I DO! And it means that there’s a larger opportunity for me – to CREATE work that can employ me as both an actor and a writer. You have the same opportunity.

That’s my intention on one of the projects I’m working on now – a web series that I’ve written and will produce and act in. More on the details of that later. 
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Let ‘Em Eat CAKE! (And watch TV)…

by Steve on June 4th, 2014

I’ve got cake on the brain. It’s my birthday this week. There’s an awesome vegan, organic, gluten free bakery near my house (I know, it’s SO L.A.) and I was tempted to order a cake from them for my big day. They’re closed mid week, though, so I may settle for popping by and picking up some of their cookies and sharing them with friends and family for an impromptu celebration. (I’m also going up north with some friends as part of my birthday experience.)

What does this have to do with anything? It puts me in mind of the balance between my life and my art. I’m obsessing about cake this week while I’m writing ... Read more


by Steve on May 23rd, 2014

My father is working on a children’s book. Very slowly. 

Last Thanksgiving I sat down with him and we wrote the text – it’s a story he’s been telling for years. Then he was supposed to create the illustrations for the piece and send them to me. He hasn’t done it yet. It’s been six months. And he’s retired – so there ought to be plenty of time.

What’s the hold-up?

Each time I talk to my father he has a different excuse. I won’t list them all. There’s something in the way of my dad working on this project. It could be anything. Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art would call it resistance. 

He’s not getting to ... Read more

I met an OSCAR WINNER and it wasn’t perfect

by Steve on May 16th, 2014

OscarTV writer staffing season is in full swing here in Hollywood. I don’t know what the outcome will be – whether a job will come my way or not. I’m hopeful and prepared and zen – and it’s not up to me.

But one of the joys of this time of year is getting to meet with amazing people. Last week I visited Shondaland – Shonda Rhimes production company – to talk to the creator of How To Get Away With Murder about a job on that show. And later in the week, I had a sit down with Oscar winner John Ridley – who won for writing the screenplay for 12 Years A Slave. He created the ... Read more

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