It’s a New Year and time to make some choices.
I don’t mean this to sound dire, but it does pertain to the rest of your life. Ok, maybe just the next 12 months.It’s time to consider what you want to unearth this year. You may have tried this a dozen ways in the past – with charts and calendars and white boards. Maybe you took a seminar or you created vision boards or mind-maps to guide you on your journey. Whatever you did in the past – if it worked for you – congrats!If not, here’s a new idea.Use index cards. And a timer.

Follow this simple recipe to figure out what you want on your plate this year.

Take your index cards and a pen.
Set your timer for 10 minutes.
Start the timer.
On one card write: “That was great!” and put it in front of you.
On multiple cards write down what you thought was great about the past year.
What did you do that you loved? What lit you up? What was exciting? What are you proud of? Write whatever comes to mind in the time allotted – one event per card. Not all of it may be writing stuff, that’s ok. Just write without thinking too much.
When the timer goes off, stop.

Take a look at those things that you wrote down.
Hold them in your mind.
Breathe in gratitude for that great stuff.

Ask yourself if you want to repeat any of those projects this year? Any you’d like to enhance? Develop? Make note of which ones fall into those categories.

Set the timer again for 10 minutes.
Start the timer.
On a card write: “This will be exciting!” Put that card in front of you.
On multiple cards write down what will be exciting this year.
What are you looking forward to? What’s ready to be created? What lights you up?
Write those things down on as many cards as you need during the time allotted.
When the timer goes off, stop.

Take a look at those things you’ve written down.

Congratulations, you’ve got a plan for the year!
You can pare it down if you want, or add to it.
You can put this list on your wall or transfer it to your computer or your phone.

Find your way to mapping out a plan to do these things.
Maybe today is the perfect time to start one of them.
Perhaps the others begin in some other month.
Brainstorm about when the time is right, mark that project on your calendar.
Give yourself a deadline. Throughout all of it, be gentle and loving.

Take a deep breath.

Bless yourself.

Get busy.

It’s going to be a hell of a year.

Let me know how it’s going. Find me if you need help.

I’m feeling all tingly.