2 Nov, 2017

Here’s The Pitch!

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Pitching may be the toughest thing you do as a writer.

In my life as a playwright, I have the luxury of writing FIRST. Rarely have I been in the position of telling someone what I was going to write before I wrote it. That means I have […]

4 Oct, 2017

Call & Response

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In any dramatic scene, the energy should flow back and forth – like a tennis match. Someone says or does something and the other person responds. In the best scenes this movement is palpable – the power dynamic shifts – and the resulting momentum moves us into […]

25 Aug, 2017

Stop Thinking

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This strange phenomenon happens all the time. I encounter a creative person who says they’re stuck. Often they paint themselves as desperate: looking for a lifeline from anywhere. Sometimes they claim to have no resources, no idea how to find their way to a job in their chosen creative field.

We […]

13 Jul, 2017

People Die

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When I was in playwriting school, there were three distinct groups of artists under the umbrella of the school’s Drama Division: playwrights, directors and actors. We collaborated on occasion, but we had separate tracks in terms of classes and focus and goals. In the second year of […]

30 Jun, 2017

Curating, Conversing or Creating?

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Someone told me this week that they’re cutting back on Facebook. I get it. It can be a time-suck. It’s tempting to spend time liking and posting and commenting. Your creative work (and other work) can be ignored in the wake of all that activity. There are […]