This used to be my biggest impediment as a writer: I’d get so excited about an idea that I’d just start writing. No outline, no nothing. Somewhere along the line I’d become stuck and have no idea how to proceed. I believe that’s because I didn’t have a plan.

Now, all my web series, TV or film work involves careful planning before I start writing scenes. My theatre stuff has less, but there’s still some juicy thought that goes into it before I jump in.

The same is true in my life. I’m not a micro-manager type of planner, but I do sketch out where I’m headed before I start out on a journey. Not only is it good for my work on the page, but it’s good for my writing life.

This is an ideal time for sketching out what’s ahead for you in 2018. As the year wanes, carve out some space to forecast what you’d like to see in your creative life.  This doesn’t have to look like anything formal – you can journal, draw or vision-board your way to a plan, or you can make a more concrete declaration on paper (or even go as far as creating a business plan for your creativity). Whatever you do, lean into a joyful space – you’re not saying these things MUST happen – you’ve inviting them in. From that gentle perspective, you’ll have a sense of what steps to take and you can dance with the unique unfolding of the year while holding your dreams in mind. Set some time aside in the next week and jump into the discovery. And let me know how it goes.

As I plan 2018, I’m aware that I started coaching 10 years ago! (Wow!!) Inspired by my mentor, Eric Maisel, and the faculty at The Creativity Coaching Association, I began working with clients who were finding their way forward in their artistic lives. Even in those early days, coaching was fun and exciting. I’m grateful to feel more excited today about helping writers find their footing on the page and in the world. 2018 will be full of events to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of this juicy coaching journey. And I’m looking for your help.

Please take some time to drop me a line about what you’d like to see happen in the Your Creative Life 10th Anniversary year. Maybe there’s a workshop you missed and would love to see happen again. Perhaps you’re keen on more virtual classes or more live events. Maybe you’re hungry for one-on-one work focused on a specific subject, or perhaps there’s a class you’ve always wanted to see me teach. Perhaps you’ve been eager to see me issue a certain kind of product that would help you stay artistically on track. I’ve got a bunch of ideas (and things I’m working on) and I welcome your thoughts as well. Whether you’re a long-time client or a reader of these words who has never stepped into the Your Creative Life coaching experience, I want to hear from you. Everyone out there has contributed to the Your Creative Life community – and more than ever, in this year of celebration – I want to serve you as best I can.

As you make your creative plans, and suggest things that for us to include in 2018, I celebrate our connection and affirm the power of art (including yours and mine) to transform the world.