by Steve on May 23rd, 2014

My father is working on a children’s book. Very slowly. 

Last Thanksgiving I sat down with him and we wrote the text – it’s a story he’s been telling for years. Then he was supposed to create the illustrations for the piece and send them to me. He hasn’t done it yet. It’s been six months. And he’s retired – so there ought to be plenty of time.

What’s the hold-up?

Each time I talk to my father he has a different excuse. I won’t list them all. There’s something in the way of my dad working on this project. It could be anything. Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art would call it resistance. 

He’s not getting to ... Read more

Breaking news: THE BIG SHIFT

by Steve on November 1st, 2011
Last week, shortly after I wrote my newsletter, I got a life-changing call: I’ve been selected as a staff writer on the cable TV series Covert Affairs. I’ve been doing a happy dance ever since! I moved to Los Angeles almost two years ago in search of TV writing work – and I’m thrilled to get the opportunity. I love the show and the creators are really nice guys. Already I’m in prep mode – doing a ton of research and brainstorming show ideas. I’m also employing all my creative techniques: scheduling, taking breaks, taking deep breaths, asking for help. The writers room kicks in on November 7th – and I’m sure it will be a delightful, challenging adventure. I’m excited, also, to bring you every creative ... Read more

Your Life: This is Not A Test!

by Steve on August 18th, 2011
I was driving through Los Angeles this weekend and I saw a mural with the caption: This is Not A Test. The corresponding visual was of a man with his mouth wide open, as if surprised by the notion that he’s in the midst of real life. These days I’m engaged in in-the-moment living, working on goals that are important and, frankly, scary. I’m taking better care of myself – focused more intently on the things that I want in life. I’m willing to take actions and willing to let go. Two weeks ago, I took one of the most difficult actions I’d ever taken: I took a video producer to court over payment for ... Read more

Your Email Is Doing This Better Than You Are

by Steve on July 15th, 2011
I lived in New York on 9/11. It’s a long story that I won’t go into here, but essentially I was heading downtown on a crowded bus (to work) when the secondemail icon tower fell. It took me 6 hours to get back uptown to my apartment when I realized my workplace was closed. Buses were packed. Subways weren’t running. Pay phones were out of commission: lines were busy or phones were broken. I didn’t have a cell at the time. What does this have to do with email? Email was the only thing that worked reliably during that crisis and the days and weeks that followed. And the common subject line to New Yorkers was “Are You Ok?” I bring ... Read more

Hear the Recording: FREE Call GET YOUR WORK OUT THERE! Q & A

by Steve on June 7th, 2011
I’ve been having so much fun working with Samantha Bennett (of The Organized Artist Company) and cheering people on as they get their projects out into the world, that we decided to do a FREE call. Here’s the recording (bottom of the page). To listen or download the Free Call, click here. Steve


by Steve on May 25th, 2011
What a call! Listen as Samantha Bennett and I uncover the keys to moving your work ahead and out into the world. The World Needs Your Work! (The Link is at the bottom of the page) http://bit.ly/gywot-2

Run / Breathe / Bless

by Steve on April 19th, 2011
Last week was a blur: a good blur. It felt like a marathon, but in reality – an audition, a costume fitting, a meeting for a “big” TV job were among the highlights. Every item (especially the job meeting) required massive preparation: in this case, watching four seasons of a popular cable program, making notes on the show itself, and detailing how I relate to it. There were several very busy days and a few late nights, presenting multiple opportunities to learn (again and again) how to stay present in the midst of (potential) chaos. How you say? Good question: I broke it down to a few key things – each embodied in my Core ... Read more

Action Creates Action

by Steve on March 15th, 2011
The fast moving worldThis year I’m in the writers mentoring program at CBS, a networking program for people of color trying to break into the TV writing business. Prior to being in the program, my manager suggested I apply – and at the time I had resistance to the idea. My resistance came primarily from the fact that I wanted a job and the program at CBS is not a job. But eventually, realizing that I might as well apply, I did the necessary work and sent in my stuff. Now I’m happily ensconced in weekly meetings, connecting with industry wisdom and learning so much! And what else? The surprising thing to me has been that my agent and my manager ... Read more

The Art of Collaboration

by Steve on February 15th, 2011
Remember when you learned about cooperation? You may have seen learned about it from a kids show (I did!) or you might have been taught about it in school. I recall it seemed pretty cool when I first encountered it: the notion of working with other people to accomplish a single goal. The typical educational illustrations were along the lines of putting toys away (as a group) or planning a party (as a group). What fun! Well, I’m here to tell you it hasn’t gone away – as adults and as artists, we’re more likely to call it collaboration. A few weeks ago, as part of a TV writers training program I’m ... Read more

Plan to Break Through

by Steve on January 1st, 2011
Happy New Year! The amazing thing about this time of year is that it seems like EVERYONE is planning – or at least talking about planning. Just as people were clinking glasses and cheering – as the fireworks were exploding overheard – people all over the country were using the r word: resolution. It got me thinking, in the way that I start thinking when I hear something over and over again and it loses its meaning, what exactly is everyone talking about? So I turned to my friend Mirriam Webster (who was also toasting the New Year) and I inquired. Here’s what I found out: Resolution is a noun and here are Mirriam’s first ... Read more

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