Introducing Yourself & Do You Need a Contract?

by Steve on May 21st, 2015

INTRODUCING YOURSELF is an essential skill. It’s the only way you’ll be able to fully represent yourself in a meeting. I’ve found, especially in the TV industry, executives and showrunners are meeting a TON of people. They’re not going to work extra hard to bring out the best you – that’s your job. All they’re likely to say is:

“Tell me about yourself.” 
Your goal is to tell them SOMETHING MEMORABLE AND DEEP about you.
So what do you TALK about?
How do you make a CONNECTION?

The first step is to figure out the juicy things to say and to practice saying them.

Here are some easy prompts to narrow in on what makes you interesting: So, grab a pencil!

The Art of Waiting & How Do I Introduce Myself?

by Steve on May 13th, 2015

The Art of WAITING – 

You’ve submitted your script to a contest, an agent or manager. You’ve completed a staffing meeting or an interview for a fellowship. And now – you have to sit tight before you learn about the results. 

How to you manage the difficulty of waiting? It doesn’t have to be so challenging. Check out this NEW video on the YouTube page to understand why:

It’ll take less than two minutes.


A few weeks ago we talked about How To Take A Meeting. And in that discussion I mentioned that one of ... Read more

How do You Deal with REJECTION as a Writer?

by Steve on May 7th, 2015

This week’s question is about rejection. 

I can’t tell you how many artists (and non-artists) complain to me about facing rejection. Many say it’s the worst thing about living life as a creative person. 

How is a writer (or actor) supposed to manage rejection? 

I have a RADICAL idea about it, that I talk about in this week’s video.

Here’s the radical part: I don’t believe in rejection. 

How is that possible? Take two minutes out of your day, watch this video & find out:


If you have a writing question you’d like me to address (or a comment about this topic) drop me a line

Happy writing!


Do I need an Agent or Manager?

by Steve on May 4th, 2015

One of the questions I get most often from aspiring writers is “Do I need an agent?” I asked myself that for years, and never got a definitive answer. Then I got to a point when I knew I needed one.  
Agents and managers are ONE TOOL to help move your career forward. But the definitive factor is YOU!
If you’re motivated, focused, and in need of help to move through the industry, an agent may be for you.
If you’re motivated, focused, and you seem to have it covered already (through a lawyer, industry contacts, a smaller market, etc) you may not need an agent.
Bottom line: with or without an agent – you need to keep churning ... Read more

FEEDBACK? And Do You Need an AGENT?

by Steve on April 30th, 2015

TV staffing season is in full swing and you just finished a new pilot script as a writing sample. Now what?

​The simple answer is – get feedback. Find out if the material works and if people respond to it. Sounds easy enough. But who should you get? Where do you find quality readers? And what do you ask them when you find them? How precious or loose should you be with it? Are you better off getting anybody to read your material? Or should it be a “professional”? 

I’ve just posted a video with a few ideas. Check it out on our YouTube page. 

It will only take a few minutes of your time!


This week’s ... Read more

Taking a Meeting

by Steve on April 23rd, 2015

In case you missed our Creative Expression Session call last week on How To Take A Meeting, I wanted to share some of my notes with you on the basics of prepping and showing up fully. Here are some of the highlights:

In the TV business, we are ALWAYS taking meetings. You may think a personable attitude and good communication skills are all you need. But there’s more! Lots more!

 Here are the five key steps to taking a meeting:

  1. Preparation & Research

These days everything about people and TV shows is online. So dig deep! Find key information about the people you’re meeting with. I’ve heard TV executives complain that some people they meet with don’t know about the company or the types ... Read more

Break the Isolation/Take a Meeting

by Steve on April 15th, 2015

This month I’ve been working all my writing muscles! I’m developing a TV project with a producer (and gearing up for a pitch), working on a new TV pilot, and moving into post-production on my web series. Sometimes it feels like I’m going it alone.

There’s no question, writing is a solitary business. But that doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way. 

The Question of the Week:

How do you BREAK the ISOLATION as a writer??

Search no further! Check out this video on our YouTube page for some solid ideas

It will only take a minute and eight seconds of your time!

... Read more


by Steve on April 10th, 2015

People ask me all the time how much writing is enough writing. 
Here’s a video I made today to answer that age-old, essential question. 

Take a look on our YouTube page.

Happy creating!


Writing the Perfect Script

by Steve on March 25th, 2015


For some people that’s the burning question in terms of writing for TV. Are you wracking your brain for the answer? 

Search no further! Check out this video.


The TV WRITING WORKSHOP is coming to L.A. THIS SATURDAY (see below)! 

But you may be asking: What is it? How does it work? What will it cover? And will it help me create my TV script??

You can decide for yourself by joining this FREE ONLINE PREVIEW in an interactive Google Hangout that I’m hostingTOMORROW (Wednesday at 3:30 PT / ... Read more


by Steve on March 12th, 2015

CONGRATS TO some of my amazing clients!

MAKE IT HAPPEN: Google Hangout on Friday March 13 at Noon PT


CONGRATS! Look at them GO!!

Emmy Lou Diaz took YCL’s Playwriting Intensive Workshop a few years ago. Now she’s working on the CW hit showJane The Virgin. And she co-wrote the episode that airs TONIGHT. I’m so excited for her – and will be hanging out with her to celebrate when it airs live! Go, Emmy Lou! 

Caris Vujcec is completing editing on her web series pilot: The Pepper Project. She’s getting ready for a launch screening and will begin taking meetings about ... Read more

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