22 Mar, 2018

You – in the Writers Room

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You’re in the writers room, working on a TV series. Every weekday you arrive, ready to collaborate with other smart writers. The showrunner, your boss, has created characters you’re excited to write for and a series you’re thrilled to help on. You have a desk and an office and the show buys you lunch every day. Before […]

28 Dec, 2017

Your Amazing Year!

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The holidays are whipping by as they usually do. They might be leaving you breathless with parties and shopping and other celebrations. Or perhaps you’re relaxing in front of the TV with your feet up or making trips to the movie theatre or obsessed with your favorite […]

16 Nov, 2017

Confidence is Not Required

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I’ve been hearing this over and over again from writer friends and clients: some believe they’re handicapped because they don’t have confidence. Without it, they say, they are floundering in their writing careers. I don’t think confidence is required.

On Dictionary.com confidence is described these ways:

1. full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a […]

2 Nov, 2017

Here’s The Pitch!

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Pitching may be the toughest thing you do as a writer.

In my life as a playwright, I have the luxury of writing FIRST. Rarely have I been in the position of telling someone what I was going to write before I wrote it. That means I have […]