4 Oct, 2017

Call & Response

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In any dramatic scene, the energy should flow back and forth – like a tennis match. Someone says or does something and the other person responds. In the best scenes this movement is palpable – the power dynamic shifts – and the resulting momentum moves us into […]

25 Aug, 2017

Stop Thinking

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This strange phenomenon happens all the time. I encounter a creative person who says they’re stuck. Often they paint themselves as desperate: looking for a lifeline from anywhere. Sometimes they claim to have no resources, no idea how to find their way to a job in their chosen creative field.

We […]

13 Jul, 2017

People Die

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When I was in playwriting school, there were three distinct groups of artists under the umbrella of the school’s Drama Division: playwrights, directors and actors. We collaborated on occasion, but we had separate tracks in terms of classes and focus and goals. In the second year of […]

30 Jun, 2017

Curating, Conversing or Creating?

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Someone told me this week that they’re cutting back on Facebook. I get it. It can be a time-suck. It’s tempting to spend time liking and posting and commenting. Your creative work (and other work) can be ignored in the wake of all that activity. There are […]

15 Jun, 2017

Start Again!

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I was talking, recently, to an artist friend who was experiencing some frustration about his creative life. His big issue was that he felt like his projects weren’t moving fast enough. He expressed a desire to have the artistic life of a friend.


1 Jun, 2017

Break All The Rules!

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I’m teaching a class at the UCLA Extension School about developing your original story. Over 12 weeks, we’re exploring the basics behind TV movies, mini-series and TV shows. The class culminates in the students developing a pitch. They’ll turn in a written version and then they’ll pitch […]